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19 Mar



2012 Judicial Endorsements for the Cook County Primaries

It’s that time of year!!  Election season.  Gratefully, we live in a democracy.  We have the right to vote our leadership into office.  Our choices, through our votes, keep our communities aligned with the principles of the people.  What an honor we have bestowed upon us!  However, with so many names on the ballots, it can be very difficult to know for whom to cast your vote, especially in the judicial races.

I’m an attorney who has trial experience with substantial exposure to the Bar (Bar is the generic term of an association of lawyers and judges) and it can serve as a feat for even me to make my selection.   It is detrimental to the legal profession that fair, impartial, diverse, diligent, courteous, independent and competent judges are elected onto the bench.  Without these qualities, the administration of justice is endangered.  It is an honor to serve the people in this capacity and it is the people’s duty to know whom we elect to serve us this way.

Since Craig, Annie and Dean all have a list (Craigs list, Annie’s list, Dean’s list), I have created a list.  Dotty’s list.  My list will help guide you through the judicial election process for the Cook County Candidates.  My endorsements are comprised of people I have witnessed in action while practicing law and I am confident that they will up hold the principles of justice.   If they do not deliver the fairness that is expected of them, then WE, the people, can always vote another way next time.  Power to the people!



Illinois Supreme Court 1st District

  • Justice Joy Cunningham

**Justice Cunningham has Appellate Court experience as she has served on the Appellate court for over 5 years now.  So, I’m confident as to her professional experience.  In addition, I’ve had interaction with her through many of the Bar associations and events.  She is very courteous, diligent, diverse and fair.  I’m sure that her election onto the Illinois Supreme Court will be a great addition to this high court.

Illinois Appellate Court 1st District (Johnson-Coleman Vacancy)

  • Justice Nathaniel Howse

** I had the pleasure of serving as a judicial clerk for Judge Howse years ago.  He is one of the most pleasant, brilliant, fair justices I know.  He is a model of how they all should be.  I HIGHLY recommend him….even if he had opposition on his ballot.  He is running unopposed.

Illinois Appellate Court 1st District (Gallagher Vacancy)

  • Justice P. Scott Neville, Jr.

**Justice Neville is a mentor to many and a model to all.  He is another brilliant justice who is a promoter of fairness within the Bar and beyond.   Justice Neville is also HIGHLY recommended on Dotty’s List.

Illinois Appellate Court 1st District (O’Brien Vacancy)

  • Judge William Boyd
  • Judge Jesse Reyes

**Ok, I apologize.  I could not narrow this down to one choice.  I have had the pleasure of interacting with both of these judges and I believe that they both will do great in this Appellate Court seat.  Judge Boyd is a graduate of NIU College of Law (my alma mater) and has been known to be one of the fairest judges in the Family Court division.  Judge Jesse Reyes currently sits in the Chancery Division over Mortgage Foreclosure matters (one of my practice areas) and he is a fair judge with a great judicial temperament both on and off the bench.  I have witnessed his mentorship in the community.  The selection of either judge will promote diversity.  So, I encourage you to do further research to make your own INFORMED selection.

Circuit Court of Cook County Circuit wide Seats

Conlon Vacancy

  • Judge Stanly Hill, Jr.

**I had the pleasure of appearing in front of Judge Stanley Hill who is a legend within the Criminal Defense Bar.  He is a fair judge with a great judicial temperament who is HIGHLY recommended on Dotty’s List!

Frossard Vacancy

  •  Nichole C. Patton

Pucinski Vacancy

  •  Judge Lorna Ellen Propes

**Judge Propes is more than qualified, fair, diverse, courteous and is a legend within the women’s Bar.  The general consensus in the legal community is that, “She’s one helluva lawyer.”  So, I know she’ll be “one helluva judge.”  She is HIGHLY recommended on Dotty’s List!

My most favorite dissenter, Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Simmons Vacancy

  •  James A. Wright

**Wright has extensive Federal trial experience and I believe he is one to watch for future Federal Judicial appointments.  He is HIGLY recommended on Dotty’s list!

Stewart Vacancy

  • Rhonda Sallee

Ward Vacancy

  • Alfred Swanson

Circuit Court of Cook County Sub-Circuits

2nd Sub  (Stuttley Vacancy)

  • Carl Boyd

7th  Sub (Starks Vacancy)

  • Tommy Brewer

8th Sub (Additional Judgeship A)

  •  Laura Liu

11th Sub (Urso Vacancy)

  • Deborah Fortier


Now, these are my personal selections.  You can vote for whomever you like.  The point of it all is to vote and be an informed voter.  There are many others running for judicial seats that I could not provide judicial endorsements because I don’t know the candidates.  However, I encourage you to use the Alliance Bar Election Primary list (google it) to see who the local Cook County wide Bar Associations recommended for these highly contested seats.

Happy Voting!


  1. Shaneen  March 20, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    Thank You so much for this information Dotty, your suggestions are appreciated!


  2. Andrea Green  March 20, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Thanks for the list Dotty, very informative and helpful!


  3. Jeff  March 22, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    This was great and extremely helpful!

    Thank You..


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