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02 Nov

Dotty’s List for Judges in the General Election 2012

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So, it’s that time again.  Election time.  You’re ready to make your choices for all these important elected positions and then you get to …. the judges.  So… what do you do?


For the primary, I posted a blog to assist you with your selections. That blog was necessary because there was major competition in the parties trying to get onto the general ballot.

However, in this general election, all of the judges on your ballots in Chicago, except for the Illinois Supreme Court, are running unopposed.  These named candidates all beat out their party competition in the primary and none of them have republican opposition.  That’s Chicago for you.  So, your choices are easy.  Vote for the judge that is running unopposed.  They were selected by the popular vote in the primary so it’s really nothing you can do now to stop them from getting the seat.

However, for the Illinois Supreme Court seat, I support the democratic candidate, Mary Jane Theis.

Now, the next part of your ballot involving the judges are for judicial candidates seeking retention.  Retention judges are judges who have already won the public’s vote in a previous election and now the public has to make the decision if this incumbent should continue their term in office.  For these judges, you have to simply vote “Yes” or “No”.  They keep their seats only if the majority of the votes are “Yes”.  So, vote “Yes” to retain the incumbent judges.

To assist in your judicial voting, you can check out the Judicial Evaluations published by the Cook County Bar Association to review the results of the candidates evaluated.

However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t specifically endorse my personal favorites.

Supreme Court

Mary Jane Theis

Appellate Court

Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse, Jr.

P. Scott Neville, Jr.

Jesse G. Reyes

Circuit Court

Lorna Ellen Propes

Laura Liu

Judicial Retention

Kathy M. Flannagan

Moshe Jacobius

Stuart Palmer

Patricia Banks

Marcia Maras

P. Scott Neville, Jr.

Orville E. Hambright

Carl Anthony Walker

Diane M. Shelley


Happy Voting!!

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